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Troubleshooting complex situations
  Suppose an instrument is connected to 16 similar cables, any one of which may be causing a ground loop.

link the Exciter and Detector to the instrument power cord. If the Detector LED illuminates, then at least one of the 16 cables is causing a ground loop.

, split the 16 cables into two bundles of 8 and link the Detector first to one bundle, then to the other. The Detector will light up for one of the bundles indicating that the ground loop is in this bundle of 8.

split this bundle into two bundles of 4 and repeat to determine which bundle of 4 contains the ground loop.

until isolating the final cable.

  If the ground loop current flows in more than one cable, then the Detectors with meters will indicate the branching ratio.
  Troubleshooting of large groups of cables can be done in a few minutes this way and no cables are disconnected. The sketch on right shows the Detector linked to a bundle of 4 cables.
Troubleshoot ground loops with ease
without disconnecting anything!
US Patent 7,791,353 B2